Tornado Ozone Generator ( CX-9002)

Tornado Ozone Generator ( CX-9002)

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Tornado Ozone Generator, The professional choice for odor neutralizing. Eliminates smoke, pet odor, mold, mildew and more, Effective for areas up to 60,000 cubic ft, Tested and proven to maintain proper activated oxygen levels. Quickly deodorizes hotel/motel, hospital and meeting rooms. No plates or UV tubes to maintain. Excellent for smoke damage, mold, mildew, pet odor and other sources of odor commonly found in building maintenance and refurbishing. Eliminate odor in any indoor location, including basements, kitchens, bathrooms and more. It also provides rapid deodorizing for hotel/motel rooms, meeting rooms, used cars and boats. Ozone occurs when there is a thunder storm; the fresh smell you notice is from the ozone released during the storm. Tornado’s Ozone Generator creates ozone by exposing oxygen in the atmosphere to high-density ceramic and stainless steel electrodes. When the oxygen in the air comes in contact with the electrodes, it brings the oxygen molecules (O2) together to form ozone (O3). The O-Z unit injects the ozone into the air. When the ozone is introduced, it disperses and mixes with the air.

Machine Dimensions L 12” x W 11” x H 12”, 7.3 lbs, 5 ft. grounded power supply, 12-hour timer with power supply overload protection, Has a 100 CFM fan with ball bearings for extended service life, Warranty 2 yrs Parts & Labor

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