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Our New PMI Santa Fe Location is Now Open
Our New PMI Santa Fe Location is Now Open

PMI Green Solutions

The high desert country of Northern New Mexico is a very special place. PMI Green Solutions is our company's commitment to our environment by reducing the amount of toxic chemicals and waste that contaminate this special land. Carefully selected and field-tested, our line of Green Solutions are the best available solutions and products available for a safer and healthier environment. Starting in 2004, Green Solutions was developed to help customers to adopt green cleaning and living practices. We seek out and team with manufacturers who are on the cutting edge of green technology. Going Green is about working with our manufacturers and customers to become more eco-conscious. This is why PMI puts such a great emphasis on the "green-training" of our customers. PMI...we're the Green Solutions experts.

Performance Maintenance Inc., has been offering green products for more than 15 years. During that time, PMI has made it easier for companies and individuals to go green through our Green Solutions services and products. After years of testing, PMI today offers a line of bio-based products which have been proven environmentally safe and effective for both commercial and residential cleaning. Dedicating itself to the highest environmentally-safe practices, PMI also provides education and assistance to companies who want to help the environment. PMI is the exclusive distributor of completely biodegradable green products such as Clean It!, Bath It!, Dish It!, and Wash It! By using these products, PMI's commercial and residential customers are helping our environment.

PMI also offers customers a reusable process called their "Refill Process Closed-Loop System," which allows customers to reuse product container bottles with product refills, thus reducing the stress on landfills. The best way to Go Green is with PMI's Green-It products.