Chimayo Red Chile (PA-96RC)

Chimayo Red Chile  (PA-96RC)

PMI Espanola

SKU: PA-9685

Chimayo Red Chile, 100% Authentic Chimayo Heirloom Chile, Sun-dried Chimayo. Different Sizes Available: 4oz, 8oz, 16oz

The story of Chimayó Red Chile goes back hundreds of years. It’s rooted in the traditions of native peoples and proud farmers tending to rows of vibrant green crops generation after generation. It’s about heirloom seeds, crystal waters from the Sangre de Cristo Mountain snowmelt, fervid soil of the Rio Grande Valley, and an intense sun that ignites a flavor like no other. Red chili pods are sun-dried to a deep orange color, stemmed, seeded and ground. The rich, hot Chimayó heritage taste is one-of-a-kind, truly legendary!

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