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Our New PMI Santa Fe Location is Now Open
Our New PMI Santa Fe Location is Now Open

(LD-011X) Citrus Scrub, Fast Acting Cleaner/Degreaser

Original price $6.40 - Original price $167.96
Original price
$6.40 - $167.96
Current price $41.99

Concentrated Gallon: A fast-acting, cleaner/degreaser formulated with today's environment in mind. Citrus-Scrub does an excellent job of removing grease, oil, ink, fats, tar, adhesives, and other soils, yet contains no bleach, ammonia, phosphates, harsh acids, or alkalines. It's ideal for any washable, nonporous surface, and is especially recommended for degreasing equipment, motors, metal surfaces, concrete, and other hard floors. You can even use it on carpet (check label directions and always pretest first).

Ready-To-Work Can: This product, formulated with orange citrus solvents, removes dirty hand prints from walls and doors, scuff marks from floors, bathtub rings, soot, smoke film, light carbon, dust, lipstick and crayon marks and deodorizes as it cleans! Foam clings to vertical surfaces to allow for quick spot cleaning.