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Our New PMI Santa Fe Location is Now Open
Our New PMI Santa Fe Location is Now Open

(CV-70XX) Gripper Doorstops or Door Wedges

Original price $3.99 - Original price $215.52
Original price
$3.99 - $215.52
Current price $8.98

Gripper Doorstops (Yellow) : Made of sturdy industrial vinyl, the Gripper® Doorstops is perfect for anyone who needs to prop doors open quickly, easily and securely. Its non-slip bottom will protect and grip any surface. The Gripper® Doorstops’ durable patent pending design ensures that even with heavy use, its performance will not slip.

Door Wedges (Blue) : Fit securely between the door and door jamb to keep doors open. For standard doors, simply place the wedge above the hinge, between the door and the door jamb. For doors with overhead closer, the wedge may be placed between the door closer arm and door jamb. Made from durable, dense foam, the Door Wedge is sturdy and braces the door securely, yet will not damage the door or bend the hinge. With the Door Wedges, the floor remains clear, making it an ideal tool for cleaning or moving crews.