(CX-9920) Tornado Pac-Vac Aircomfort

(CX-9920) Tornado Pac-Vac Aircomfort

Tacony Corp / Tornado Industries

SKU: CX-9920

( New Item)Tornado Pac-Vac Aircomfort, 6 quart, Backpack Vacuum, Hiking and mountain climbing Aircomfort 5 point adjustable harness reduces wearer perspiration by up to 25%, Four-level filtration system including a HEPA filter cartridge, Superior 69.5 dB whisper-quiet operation, Light weight at 13 lbs, Complete set of tools and adjustable double bend wand come standard. Carpet, hard floors, upholstery, and above head cleaning, with productivity reaching 7,000 or more square feet per hour. 4 year commercial warranty on parts and motor.

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