(CX-7550) Tornado CK 3030 Wide-Area Vacuum

(CX-7550) Tornado CK 3030 Wide-Area Vacuum

Tacony Corp / Tornado Industries

SKU: CX-7550

Tornado CK 3030 Wide-Area Vacuum, High efficiency cleaning performance, clean-air filtration, The 1800 rpm brush loosens deep-down dirt and revives compressed carpet pile in high traffic areas so your carpets stay looking great longer. Features include five-position brush height adjustment, stainless steel brush shoe, and Deadman's safety switch for added protection, perfect unit for hotels, convention centers, department stores, malls, airports and hospitals; Dimensions 20"x30x36", 51 Quart, Rotationally-molded polyethylene, Steel Tubing, fully adjustable 10" non marking wheels, 2" non marking wheels, 4-Stage Filtration System, Brush Speed 1,170 RPM      ( CALL TO ORDER )

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