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(CT-8060) Supereon Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer

Original price $1,999.99 - Original price $1,999.99
Original price
$1,999.99 - $1,999.99
Current price $1,999.99

Supereon 5XL Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer Specifications

40 Micron Droplet Size
OSHA recommended droplet size of 80 Microns or less.

16KV Estrostatic Output
Nearly twice the electrostatic output of other sprayers

5 Gallon Cordless Backpack Tank
Tank holds 5 gallons of chemical, allowing 50,000 sq. ft. of coverage, Cordless design allows for easy movement.

32 oz. per Minute Flow Rate
For faster coverage

External Battery Compartment
Battery replacement installation only takes minutes

12V9AH Battery
Allows for approximately 6 hours of continuous use.

Made in U.S.A


What is an Electrostatic Sprayer

Electrostatics is the study of electromagnetic phenomena that occur when there are no moving charges—e.g., after a static equilibrium has been established. Electrostatic phenomena is easily demonstrated when some articles of clothing cling together when pulled out of a dryer or if you have ever shuffled your feet across carpet and reached for a doorknob. These scenarios are examples of Coulomb’s law. According to Coulomb, the electric force for charges at rest has the following properties: Like charges repel each other; unlike charges attract. Thus, two negative charges repel one another, while a positive charge attracts a negative charge.

Supereon’s electrostatic sprayers positively charge the chemical disinfectant while it is in the tank, as well when it leaves the spray nozzle creating greater attraction for better coverage and disinfection. These “super-charged” droplets then actively seek out negative or neutral surfaces and because the disinfectant has been positively charged subsequently wrapping around surfaces thus providing full coverage of surfaces.

Why Electrostatic Sprayers?

The electrostatic technology offers unsurpassed uniformity in coverage of complex surfaces with exceptional transfer efficiency. It places a positive electrostatic charge to the disinfectant as it leaves the spray nozzle, causing each droplet to become powerfully attracted to its opposite charge on high-touch areas such as desks, tabletops, chairs, door handles, cabinet handles, light switches and more. Using the Supereon 5XL, you can help stop the unnecessary spread of infections

environmental electrostatic disinfection and decontamination services and products, as well as other facilities, support services to companies and institutions looking to manage their facilities more effectively and realize cost-effectiveness.


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