(CG-10XX) Nitrile Gloves, 3 Mil Thick, Black, Hybrid (Vinyl/Nitrile) Powder-Free, 100 count.

(CG-10XX) Nitrile Gloves, 3 Mil Thick, Black, Hybrid (Vinyl/Nitrile) Powder-Free, 100 count. SALE

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Designed for a consistent fit, flexibility, and resilience, choose Noble Products 3 mil thick black vinyl/nitrile powder-free gloves for your establishment! They are ideal for a wide variety of uses in the food service industry, tattoo and piercing studios, salons, and janitorial applications! As a perfect general-purpose solution, these non-sterile, disposable gloves have a smooth finish and are also ambidextrous for added versatility.

These gloves are made of durable, 3 mil thick latex- and powder-free material, helping reduce the potential for some allergic reactions to develop. Additionally, they feature the flexibility of vinyl while also offering the durability of nitrile gloves, creating a new level of protection and performance. This combination of superior protection and exceptional flexibility makes these gloves perfect for a wide variety of applications in restaurants, hotels, and schools. The perforated box helps with organization by doubling as a dispenser, allowing for easy glove dispensing. Wall mounted racks are available (sold separately) for convenient storage.

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