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Our New PMI Santa Fe Location is Now Open
Our New PMI Santa Fe Location is Now Open

Commercial Contract Cleaning

Cleaning The Right Way...Deep and Thorough

Serving the communities of northern New Mexico — Santa Fe, Tesuque, Espanola, Taos, and Los Alamos—with a vast array of commercial contract cleaning services, the family-owned, green-friendly company Performance Maintenance Inc., specializes in helping businesses and organizations keep the areas in which they work clean, safe, and healthy every day.

PMI does business The Right Way, which means we really care about our customers and the products we sell. That's what makes us different — we're dependable, ethical, service-oriented, and we're passionate about protecting the environment in which we all live. We're proud of our strong work ethic.

PMI also offers the option of equipment rentals to help our customers supplement and elevate their level of cleanliness by
helping train their cleaning/janitorial staff. We offer a one-time deep cleaning and disinfecting service along with our ongoing cleaning maintenance programs that clean and maintain everything from carpets, rugs, and hard floors to food service and restaurant cleaning.


Food Service and Restaurant Cleaning

Northern New Mexico is famous around the world for its unique and delicious cuisine. As anyone in the food industry will tell you, cleanliness is a vital component of their business. PMI offers a complete assortment of food service and cleaning services and products. We deep clean restaurant appliances, hoods and ducts, and we offer free inspections, which our restaurant customers find very helpful. PMI's food service and restaurant cleaning services don't stop there. We do general deep kitchen cleaning as well as food storage cleaning. We also offer grease and oil removal, laundering service, entry-way matting, and commercial dishwashing service.

Air Systems Cleaning

Nothing is more important than keeping the air we breathe clean. Taking care of our environment is very important to us at PMI. We will roto-brush your air duct system and we'll clean your HVAC system. We can do air-duct camera inspections, plus fogging and disinfecting and furnace cleaning.

Professional Window Cleaning

You've heard the saying no one likes to clean windows, but at PMI cleaning windows The Right Way is one of our specialties. We have the best equipment and personnel to get your windows cleaned to a sparkling finish.

Janitorial Floor Equipment - Sales/Repair/Rental

If you have a janitorial staff, PMI has new and used janitorial equipment for sale and repair. We also have a large inventory of equipment parts and batteries, plus PMI offers commercial vacuum sales and repair. We also offer janitorial training, a service that really sets us apart from other cleaning companies. PMI will work closely with you to enhance your "state-of-clean."

Commercial Handyman Services

Call PMI for your everyday handyman needs. Whatever it takes, we'll get the job done. For example, PMI can maintain your
commercial landscaping and irrigation system, plus much more.

Specialty Contract Cleaning

More and more these days, we see the need for specialty contract cleaning to fit any need. So now PMI specializes in what we call "Green Contract Cleaning." Using only the finest, green-friendly products and best practices, with PMI on the job you can be assured your business, organization, or home will be cleaned without harming the environment. Along with that, PMI can do high-performance contract cleaning, plus hospital and medical office housekeeping. Another PMI specialty is reversing "Sick Building Syndrome." It is known that most indoor air pollution comes from sources inside the building. For example, adhesives, carpeting, upholstery, manufactured wood products, copy machines, pesticides, and cleaning agents all may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde. PMI follows proper cleaning procedures with low-VOC cleaning agents and will perform regular HVAC maintenance as well as clean any wet or damp areas and control building humidity levels.

PMI Training Solutions

One of the services PMI is most passionate about is our training program. We feel it is important to work with our clients to show them the best practices of green-friendly cleaning and how it can help them improve their business and the lives of everyone with whom they come in contact. We have training programs for Custodial Services, Safety, and HazCom, (hazard communication, a group of procedures and standards for companies that use hazardous materials or chemicals). This is free to all PMI Clients. We also conduct Equipment Training, as well as SDS Book Training, which helps employees understand Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for each hazardous chemical found on the job. PMI also has training for Green Solutions, which educates customers on how to "clean green," by using green-friendly products and practices.


One-Time Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting

PMI provides this full-scale, deep cleaning and disinfecting service using green best-practices products and equipment on a one-time basis. You'll be amazed how a deep-cleaned office or business can improve you and your customers' lives.

Emergency Water Removal & Dry Out, Mold Testing, & Air Quality Testing

You see and hear a lot about companies that offer emergency services. PMI, however, goes the extra mile to make sure the job is done right. We do this because we're local and we care about our friends and neighbors. After removal and cleanup, we do a full moisture check and closely monitor the drying-out process. PMI also specializes in mold deterrent and remediation, as well as asbestos testing. PMI accepts all insurance and we certify all our test results.

Post-Construction Clean Up

After the cleanup-up, we treat your office or business as we would our own. The job isn't finished until the job is finished, completely. PMI takes pride in our post-construction clean-up process which we think is the best in the business.