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Our New PMI Santa Fe Location is Now Open
Our New PMI Santa Fe Location is Now Open

(LA-0100) Clorox Commercial Disinfecting Wipes, 75 count Sheets, 7" x 8", 6 Per Case

Original price $10.99 - Original price $53.94
Original price $53.94
$10.99 - $65.94
Current price $10.99

These Clorox disinfectant and deodorizer wipes are great for use in almost every room of your business, including a busy commercial kitchen, restrooms, waiting rooms, and office desks. They can be used on virtually every non-porous household and bathroom surface, and are bleach and alcohol free so it won't dry out your hands. You can provide these wipes to your janitorial staff for frequent use throughout your facility, or just keep them on hand for casual use by your employees in your break rooms, office areas, or restrooms. You can even provide them in hallways or waiting areas of hospitals or doctor's offices!

After use, these wipes leave behind a fresh scent that guests are sure to appreciate. The limited disinfectant kills 99.9% of both salmonella and e-coli germs in just 30 seconds! The disinfectant also works against common allergens, cold and flu viruses, and typical bacteria. Plus, with an ample 7" x 8" surface and thick construction, each wipe is sure to last throughout the task. These disinfecting wipes come in an attractive and convenient canister dispenser that will help encourage staff and guests to use wipes when needed, and the flip-top lid opens and closes with ease to keep the wipes pre-moistened and ready to use.