CX-0945 Vacuum, Trident V12S, Hillyard (Call For Pricing)

CX-0945 Vacuum, Trident V12S, Hillyard (Call For Pricing)

PMI Espanola

SKU: CX-0945

Intelligent design, exceptional engineering and innovative technology delivers reliability, performance, and ease of maintenance in the form of the Trident V12S single motor vacuum. With a light-weight handle, the V12S is comfortable to operate. Delivering 1,200 watts of power, the V12S's vacuum motor pulls even more dirt and grime from your carpets.

Intelligent Design

  • Ultra-light handle weight allows for strain-free operation.
  • Flat-to-floor design delivers easy cleaning under beds and furniture.
  • Easily remove the brush without any tools.
  • Detail cleaning tools are cleverly located on the back of the machine.

Exceptional Engineering

  • Built-in protection from misuse. If a bag is not installed or filter is not in place, the V12/15S’s door will not close and the machine will not run.
  • Standard, high-efficiency filter traps up 99.6% of particles at 0.3 microns. Optional HEPA filtration available.

Innovative Technology

  • Lights indicate full vacuum bag, if brush height adjustment is required, or if there is a brush jam. If the lights are ignored, the V12/15S will automatically shut down, protecting your employees and equipment from potential harm.

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